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Popular Fashion Styles in Australia for 2013?

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Australian Fashion 2013 | No Comments

As we are well into the 2013 fashion year many are asking the question what are some hot trends for this year?

Some styles which have caught our eye this year are:

1. Leather Pants (A style which has come back into fashion)

Leather pants are defiantly and item been picked up by more and more ladies in the market, if you want to step out their and be a fashionista then look at picking up some leather pants:

leather pants

leather pants

2 Colour and lots of it (Bright colour’s look fantastic)

Dresses and tops with Colour are defiantly a stand out item for 2013, gone of the days of dark coloured items, if you want to stand out in 2013 pick up a classy top with some amazing colour.

Australian Style 2013

Australian Style 2013

3. Crop tops are back in style (80’s style is back to stay in 2013)

Crop tops were popular in the 80’s but it is an old style which has come back into fashion

Crop Top
Image: Love Rouge

Feel free to post below about any other styles in 2013 you feel are popular.

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